What about Wedding Favours?

I personally love wedding favours, there are so many creative options and ideas now compared to the traditional sugared almonds. You can choose a theme to match your wedding and budget.

For my wedding I sourced seeded flower paper from Wildflower Papers and used a heart shaped paper cutter to cut everyone a little heart! I added a little instruction behind on how to plant and thanked each guest then clipped together with a little peg. They were super easy to make, looked so pretty on the tables and were really cheap!


Want to see the biggest trends for favours right now? Here are my favs:

1. Cute little CD’s of your wedding soundtracks – perfect if your having your own evening playlist!


2. A chocolate penny is an ace way to say thank you!


3. Sparklers are always a big trend but unless they are placed in front of people they never tend to be a massive hit in the evening… Putting one out for each person would make sure they all went out and had some fun!


4. Get the party started with a shot for each person… make non-alcoholic versions for the non-drinkers or little ones!


5. We all love a play on words! These would be really easy to DIY with a little help from a well known mint brand!


We have a whole board dedicated to wedding favours… why not head over there now?



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