Reception drinks on fleek!

I think reception drinks are super important, you could still opt for the ordinary pimms or on trend prosecco, a glass of champagne on arrival if you wanted something traditional, or you could go pinterest ready and pimp your prosecco!


Reception drinks are the first impression of your day after the ceremony… they give everyone a hint of what’s to come. They can get the party started or relax you into the day.

Create an outdoor stand with kilner jars full of different drinks, for my wedding I had one full of elderflower wine and one filled with pimms. We had a couple of staff members helping people with the pouring on the day. We used little Bonne Maman jam jars for the pimms and champagne saucers for the elderflower wine.


You can go super rustic as the above or create sophistication with clean lines and neat rows as below.


Mix it up with mini milk bottles instead of jam jars and match the colour of the cocktail to your wedding colours. The pink below or yellow above would both make stunning bridesmaid dress colours!


Why not just go with a signature cocktail for your reception drinks and ask for it to be served behind the bar afterwards? This love potion looks amazing and would make the venue smell gorgeous, you could even tie the rosemary into flower arrangements or tables, we had little terracotta pots on the tables filled with herbs.


These cocktails look super cute, they are just the right size to be handed out on trays as guests arrive.


Add flavoured ice cubes or make these cute flower ones to really stand out from the crowd!


Finish off the look with a good sign, these could be handmade or printed depending on your handwriting skills. Our top tip is to tell people what’s in your chosen drinks… otherwise they will be asking lots of questions and slowing down the movement of people through the venue!


We have so many more ideas on our pinterest page… why not head over and have a look?


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