Gift list or gift lost?

Nobody does a gift list anymore… they are so off trend and I really think everyone is missing out!

The gift list was one of my most favorite parts of the wedding process!

Firstly, as someone who hates giving cash at a wedding, I dread getting that invite with a little poem to say you don’t want us to give you a gift. I love picking someone a gift, choosing it specifically for them or picking something I know they have asked for. I know not everyone is like this and I am sure Granny or Uncle Andy would rather just select a gift and that is the end of the matter.

Secondly, I am skint… who really has any money these days, especially as a 20 something recently-quit-my-job-to-write-a-blog-and-moved-back-in-with-my-parents, i’m typical of our generation.. not everyone can afford that £20k wedding let alone the accommodation for a night in a swanky hotel at your wedding. Putting a £10 note in a card when I know how much its cost you to have me sat there really isn’t something I feel great about! Please let me get you a present!

Now, onto the best bit, doing the gift list was literally heaven for me! We went with John Lewis because, well, who doesn’t love John Lewis!


We spent the day wandering around the store armed with a little scanner, literally scanning the whole store… Yeah we already have a toaster but who really doesn’t want a nice new posh one from John Lewis? Some new luggage for your honeymoon or a John Lewis styled kitchen?


Plus they give you cake! You head up to the gift list section who have a look at what you have added online and give you your scanner plus a glass of bubbly, then you head off into the store for as long as your feet can take it. You finally collapse into the cafe with a free drink and piece of cake. What more could you want from life?

You get cake, possibly new stuff that you actually want, Granny and Uncle Andy plus that broke friend are all happy and you can still ask for money from those that would rather give it! You couldn’t actually ask for any more?

What do you think?

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