Wedding Website Wins

Mike and I created a wedding website through moonfruit for our wedding, it’s been removed since 2014 so I can’t show you any copies or a link!

I loved creating and writing the website, we added little bits to it as we knew more information. We sent it out with our save the dates so everyone had access to it right away and posted on facebook each time we updated it.

I wanted to share with you what I included in mine and my top tips:

Your Wedding Party:

Let everyone know in advance who is in your wedding party, include a fun fact on each person and a photo or two. Everyone can see on the day who they need to ask if they have any questions and knows who’s who!

Links to your gift lists:

You should probably read my post on gift lists to see why it makes sense to include this page!

Details from your invitations:

As much as it hurts to admit, people lose wedding invites… its true! They put them in with the rest of their paperwork and they are not found again until 6 months after the wedding when it’s being sorted out. To save yourself a thousand and one of the same questions put all the details of the day, perhaps even your order of service, on your website, so people know what time to arrive or whether not to to eat before they get to you.

Personal Stories:

Our website included the story of how we met and of our engagement, its fun for everyone to read and means you don’t have to keep telling everyone how it happened!


If you have family who aren’t from the area, you’re getting married in a remote location or just love a good map, it’s a really good idea to include a directions page, add maps and even photos of the route. Plus if you are making signs for the roadside include a picture so everyone can see what to look for!


There are so many more ideas to add to your page if you wanted too, plus so many styles and layouts you could choose for your site, why not head over to our pinterest page to see what other options there are!


Comment down below with your top tips!

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