Shades of Lavender

There is nothing better than the smell of lavender, it looks so pretty on tables, in floral arrangements and button holes. The bridesmaids look stunning in lilac and it can match the groomsmen attire perfectly.


Jam jars look stunning filled with lavender and hessian, surrounded by rustic woods. Candles resting in piles of lavender will smell glorious.


Lavender bridesmaid dresses can go through all seasons and still blend perfectly.


Why not use it as a wedding favour so everyone can remember your day.


Use it as confetti, perfectly natural it doesn’t have anything but positive effects on the environment.


Paired with cream roses, it adds elegance to wedding bouquets and would be super easy to DIY.


Last weeks post showed how super pretty it looks to blend your reception drinks with your colour theme, lavender looks stunning served in champagne flutes here.


There is always so many new ideas popping up on our pinterest page… go grab a cup of tea and have a read!


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