Sparks of Love!

We had sparklers at our wedding… I’m am thinking about putting all of photos as our first real weddings post what do you think? I think sparklers look literally insane in the photos! Even though you do sometimes end up with a blurry face!


Drawing a heart was hard enough… here the bride and groom have stayed still and someone else has run away from them writing love!


I love the ones where someone is running around the couples!


This one is amazing! They must have had to have some long burning sparklers to achieve this!magen_and_eric_chandler_adaway_photographyx900

Love this! Try getting your ushers or bridesmaids involved! You could write anything once everyone has a letter!brooke_and_allen_michael_segal_photographyx900

A sparkler send off would be perfect in winter months, it’s dark early enough to be able to get everyone outside with sparklers before everyone has had a little bit too much to drink!


Which one would you pick?

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