The Blues

Have you thought about your wedding china? There are so many different hire options out there now… there is vintage china, plain white or beautiful base plates.

I am in love with Blue china… it’s so pretty! Its perfectly vintage in every way but so different from what everyone has! It blends so well with lots of different colours and themes. It can add rustic to a sophisticated wedding or sophistication to a super rustic barn wedding!

I am kinda in love with it so much because we had it at our wedding… We hired it through Devon Vintage China, at the time it was run by the lovely Jan and Alex.


Just click on any photo to find its source! These cute printed cards look so pretty on top of blue china!


This is unreal! There are no words for this gorgeous hints of blue, green and gold…


Blue china and pink peonies tone perfectly with white table cloths here.


You can even match your cake to your china if you’re feeling super blue!


Please make sure you are following us on all of our social channels! We would love to hear from you there and here! Which setting is your favourite?

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