Creative Cake Toppers

Cake toppers are still a thing but gone are the days of traditional cake toppers… now we are all in search of something individual and representative of ourselves to put on top of that cake!

There are so many different options, you could literally put anything you wanted on there! Lost in the world of cake toppers? Fear not, we are here to show you our favs!

First let’s talk calligraphy, fonts are in, and they seem to be here to stay for a while! Use this trend to add words to the top of your cake. Always written in a cute gold font… what more could you want in life? Keep it simple with just a couple of flowers underneath.


Or jazz it up a little by adding flowers to the wording itself.


Use that cute font you have always loved to do something extra creative, like this light bulb idea!


Having bunting at the wedding? Although seeming to be heading out of trend, loads of people still love the bunting! Match it to your cake topper!


Go slightlty traditional with the bride and groom but move them around the cake a bit, this one is super cute!


Go crazy while keeping the traditional couple on top of the cake, these jigsaw pieces will draw some attention!


Got something you’re both super into, like perhaps dinosaurs? Click the photo to learn how to DIY these cake toppers!


Remind everyone who the bride and groom are with these photos of your faces, you could get creative with poses to keep it individual.


Which one is your favourite? I would struggle to choose between all of these!

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