Pink & Grey

Pink and grey together is just too much for words…

It works in any season, it add snowy whites for winter, or cable knits for spring and autumn to tie the colours with the seasons.

Start by giving the game away on your invites, hints of greys and pinks amongst whites and blacks look elegant here.


In summer have bridesmaids in grey dresses with pink flowers.


While in other seasons add long skirts and jumpers


It works in both colour ways!


Have groomsmen in grey suits with hints of pinks in ties or button holes.


Use super light colours in summer to look relaxed.


Add a different tie and bigger button hole for the groom to stand out.


Use pinks in the flowers to tie the bride into the look


Use super pastel colours to keep in tone with everyone else.


Add pink and grey decorations to the room, these look so elegant with white flowers.


Pull the pinks into the flowers and greys into table cloths and napkins.


Colour up that cake! Such easy colour to achieve and simply stunning in cupcakes!


And cakes!


Want only hints of the colour? Why not use these hanging decorations to bring them into your wedding.


What do you think? Which is your favorite pink and grey look?

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