A Rustic Wedding by the Sea | Real Wedding | My Wedding!

I have thought about posting this for a little while… as you’re reading this now it would seem I went with the option of posting it! I wanted to show you our wedding and what I can only describe as my perfect day. Since we got married in 2014 there are lots of things I would do differently if I had my wedding today, nevertheless it was perfect in every way!

Firstly I have to confess that all of these photos has been lifted from our photographers, Norsworthy Weddings, blog… we are still the second most popular blog post on his site after two years, I think that’s quite impressive don’t you?

As our very first real wedding it’s super photo heavy… I recommend a cup of tea, I promise it’s worth it!

I did a thousand and one things myself… I will do some other blog posts about everything we did over time but for now lets just have a look at the photos!

We got married at our family venue The Barn at South Milton, which will feature heavily on the blog at first! The Barn has a little cottage which is where myself and all 8, yes 8, of my bridesmaids got ready. I opted for a 50’s tea length dress from Vivien of Holloway which I then had altered, with an pink under skirt, because tradition isn’t something we are into!


We did all of the flowers ourselves which were bought in from a wholesaler and delivered a couple of days before. I opted for these gorgeous pink peonies which will remain my favourite bunch of flowers forever! My shoes were from New Look and pearl necklace was a present from Mike a couple of years before.


As a gift I had got all of my bridesmaids a pink dressing gown to get ready in, they all looked stunning as they got ready together, helping out with each others make-up.


Jodie Lywood did my hair and one of my bridesmaids did my make-up.


I stitched together on a sewing machine thousands of little hearts which made a stunning backdrop for the groom’s party photos!


The button holes were gypsophila for the groom’s men and a stunning pink rose with a little gypsophila for Mike.


The boys were all asked for get a navy suit and tie with a white shirt. We added a little floral pocket square and matching socks! Mike has a floral tie from Ted Baker which I am still in love with today!vincent_0056vincent_0057vincent_0058

We made the cufflinks from little bits of wood, personalised with initials!


Mike opted for a palladium ring whereas I went for a rose gold one.


Mike and I had already done the official marriage bit a few months before so we broke with tradition and met at the back of the house before the ceremony. I could not recommend this enough, keep your eyes peeled for a blog about that soon!


My bridesmaids and Mum look just incredible in this photo, they wore multiway dresses from In One Clothing and a pashmina from Accessorize. They had huge bunches of gypsophila all made up by Mum and I the day before. vincent_0069


We lined the driveway with these cute little hearts lovingly glued together by Mike and I.


I made and printed the order of service myself, I loved making it and even went onto make a few for friends afterwards! I will show you all the inside some other day!vincent_0084vincent_0086

This is one of my favourite photos! We hung lanterns from the lights which looked stunning in the evening, we filled the crates and tin buckets full of hydrangeas, Mike’s Mum grew flowers for us to fill the milk churns with. You can just see our kilner jar full of elderflower wine and our table plan on the door. I took a sneaky look back to see if anyone was watching behind and got snapped by the photographer!


Everyone sat on hay bales and we lined the aisle with jugs of gypsophila and roses. The bunting looked stunning across the top of the barn.


We made the arch ourselves from huge sticks we brought all the way down from the cotswolds in our little golf! We lined the arch with flowers from Sasse&Belle. Here is the beautiful Beca reading for us.


Nick Goodman brilliantly conducted our ceremony and was our toastmaster for the day.


My little brother Tommy read an extract from Winnie the Pooh, Grandad had painted a beautiful picture of our chickens Martha and Louise… we couldn’t leave them out of the ceremony!


Drinks were served from champagne sauces and jam jars with paper straws.


Cream tea canapes were served with little sandwiches, scones, shortly followed by ice creams!


Our guest book consisted of a few different ideas… we had one big piece of oak which people wrote us little messages on, plus a finger print tree drawn by my Grandad! We also had little notes on the tables which you will see in a moment!



Our table plan didn’t quite go as I had planned it… the photos frames look amazing on the door but they were hung with string and not fishing wire which didn’t quite finish the look! We did have the most gorgeous seed paper from Wildflower Paper which we printed on simply through the printer!


Here is the barn… I really hope it takes your breath away because it certainly does mine!


Here are our little table guest books! We have opened two so far, I cannot wait for this one next May!


The speeches certainly brought a few tears on… if I could change one thing from the day it would be to record the speeches!vincent_0208vincent_0210vincent_0213vincent_0219

We even held a cake competition where guests brought cakes to be judged, they were used as evening food but not before rosettes were given out!


I also made my cake, which was served as pudding! We did speeches, cutting and judging all before food so Mike could enjoy it without worrying!


We had The Dinner Service as our caterers who served big platters of family style meats, potatoes and veg! Everyone loved it!

Mike and I headed down to the beach for some stunning photos, the view looks just incredible!


Everyone wrapped up in blankets as the sun set.


I must confess I swapped into my flip flops during the wedding breakfast!


We even made our very own photo booth! We filled the background with photos of us just to remind everyone who’s wedding they were at!


The Barn has a honeymoon bell tent which is where we stayed the night!


We shared a few moments in the evening away from everyone to just enjoy the day.


And finished with some sparklers!


I really really hope you enjoyed ready through this! I love looking back and remembering everything we did! It does make me regret not starting this blog earlier but here we are so lets do it!

Which is your favorite photo?


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