Confetti Dreams

Confetti photos always look stunning! The tricky bit is getting the confetti to the guests to actually throw at you!

Our biggest bit of advice would be to ensure there is an usher who has been given the job of handing it out to everyone, alternatively, if you are getting the venue in advance or have a wedding planner on hand, get them to put it on the guests seats so everyone knows its there and doesn’t miss it!

These ideas look great but most take some planning in advance or paying the price of ready made ones.

Make little paper cones and fill with flowers, dried or fresh.


Use white biodegradable confetti to help save the planet!


Hang the cones from the corners of the chairs – just make sure it’s not a windy day!



Fill little envelopes with the dried petals and pop one on each chair, how cute are these little stickers?


Use natural leaves in little paper bags and hand out to each row to take a handful.


Or just fill a bucket with petals and let them grab a handful each!


Which option would you go for?

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