Ten top tips before hiring a venue!

Before you hire a venue it’s so important to ask the right questions, you could get hit with hidden costs left right and centre if you aren’t careful! Here we are giving you our top 10 tips on what questions to ask!

1.  Does the cost include VAT?

This is so important, and something you will learn pretty quick when you start navigating the world of weddings, lots of the costs advertised don’t include VAT. The last thing you want is an extra 20% on everything you have budgeted for!

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2. Is table hire included?

Some venues will charge you extra to hire the tables, chairs and linen. Make sure you know the costs before going ahead!

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3. What props are included?

If you are booking a standard hotel, chances are they wont have any props saved, same with a village hall, however, if you are hiring a barn or alternative venue they often have a whole props store! Ask the question, there may be a charge for some however.

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4. Can you choose your own caterers?

Some venues have their own caterers on site, some make you choose from a list of approved and some will allow anyone you choose, ask the question before booking your place!

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5. Do you need to hire plates and cutlery?

Depending on the situation with the catering you may have to hire in your plates and cutlery, plus glassware for tables and reception drinks.

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6. Is the deposit refundable?

You will normally need to pay a deposit once you have confirmed your place, it’s always best to ask if it’s refundable.

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7. What is the capacity of the venue?

This will let you know if it’s the venue for you or not, most will have a number they would recommend and a max number which will more than likely change from day to night.

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8. Can you run your own bar?

Some venues will allow you to bring an outside bar service in, most will ask you use their bar service. Some may not allow you to run a paid bar without a payment in advance. Also ask what time their licence for selling alcohol ends, they will have to stop serving at a certain time.

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9. Are there any music restrictions?

Most venues will have to have music switched off at a certain time based on their planning restrictions, they might have alternative so talk to them to check!

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10. What is the situation with parking?

Some venues have lots of parking space where some don’t have any! You need to know where guests can park and get the details on your invites!

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Do you have any more tips? Put them in the comments so everyone else can benefit!

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