Intimate Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor weddings can work for a large or small wedding party, there is something so romantic and wonderful about super small intimate weddings. Although over here in the UK it’s hard to plan an outdoor wedding without a contingency plan I wanted to show you these gorgeous set ups.

They are all over pinterest so why not head over to our board after the blog to have a look?

When I say super intimate wedding, I really do mean only a handful of people… Before our wedding day we did the official licence bit with just a small handful of friends and family, these idea would have been perfect for this gathering for us!

The contrasting white and green looks stunning here.


Why not go super rustic with an intimate bench while adding sophistication with hanging lights.


Outdoor candle lit tables look stunning here.


Go for grandeur on a small scale by adding a huge chandelier above elegant tables.


Use square tables to create larger seating areas while keeping it intimate. The light curtain above will look stunning right into the night.


Outdoor weddings don’t always have to be super intimate, check these out.


Perhaps working slightly better in a warmer country!


Would you have an outdoor wedding or wouldn’t it be worth the weather risk here in the UK?

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