Garden Games!

Summer weddings cry out for garden games, any wedding style can add a few games to keep guests entertained while photos are taken. They are always a big hit with all ages and are even more fun late at night! Here are our favs:

Make your own ring toss by spraying some bottles and adding them to a crate

Nyk + Cali

Simple hula hoops make great photos, get enough for the groomsmen to have one big photo together


Make sure you get at least one photo of yourselves playing the games,


Why not play giant scrabble!


Or go with old school playground games, again get those groomsmen involved!


We can’t do a post without incuding the classic croquet


Make jenga your own my adding cute hearts, use forever as children get older


Create signs for your space hoppers! Check out our signs post here


Go adventurous and create a giant wall of water balloons to be burst by throwing something at them!


So many more ideas, as always, over on our Pinterest page! We know more of you arrived from there so head back and click follow!

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