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Today we have a guest post by the wonderful Kayleigh of Kayleigh Adams Photography, Kayleigh and I met at a wedding I was attending and she was photographing. Being in the industry I am always on the lookout and loved her way of working with the guests. I told her about the blog and here we are today! Hopefully this is her first of more posts guest posts on LTW! Anyway enough rambling lets read!

If you’re a bride-to-be, I can almost guarantee that you’ve got a lot of ideas, things to do and you probably have a million and one lists. Am I right? Hopefully you’ve got everything under control and the wedding plans are taking shape.

I’m Kayleigh Adams, a professional wedding photographer from The Cotswolds, and in my job I meet lots of fabulous brides, each with their own way of doing things and own unique spin on their weddings. Meeting so many brides means that I am aware of some of the things that they worry about and from my experience, I have detailed advice, solutions and preventatives that you can apply to banish those worries for the big day ahead!

1. I’m worried about running out of time on the morning of the wedding.

What happens if your alarm goes off too late? What happens if you can’t get your hair and make-up done in time? What happens if the wedding car breaks down and you have to walk to your wedding? What happens if you’re over-reacting?! The more likely problem you’re going to face is not being able to sleep before your wedding day! You’ll be far too excited to have time to sleep, but do make sure you get a couple of hours in at least so you’re not ready for bed when the party gets started. Also make sure that you have everything you’re going to possibly need, along with spares of everything!

2. Will it will rain on my wedding day?

This is one of the most common worries that I come across with my brides. If it rains, it rains. Is it going to completely ruin your wedding day or is it going to mean less? I’m pretty sure the answer is NO, so my advice if it the weather isn’t 100% cooperative – just embrace it! Why not consider buying some umbrellas, or having some colourful wellies on hand? This way we can head outside and get some great ‘rainy day’ shots. This has happened to me so many times, and I can assure you, my couples always love their rainy day pictures!

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3. Will my wedding dress fit on the day?

If you’ve bought your dress from a bridal boutique, you probably will have had several fitting appointments where a dedicated professional has altered your dress so that it fits you like a glove. Make sure you tell them exactly how the dress feels and mention if anything feels loose, tight or anything else. The more specific you can be here means that on the wedding day the dress will fit perfectly. Also, when you go for your fitting, it’s a good idea to take the underwear that you’re planning on wearing on the day so you can make sure the bust etc fits perfectly.

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4. Will my hair and make up look OK on the day?

I can’t stress this enough; make sure you have trials before the wedding! The majority of brides I work with have hair and make up trials prior to the wedding. This in my opinion is SO important, as it means you can be as picky and particular as you like without the pressure of it being the actual wedding day. If you think the make up is too dark, tell your make up artist and see if they can adjust it for you (just bear in mind that for your photographs the make up might have to be slightly heavier for it to show in images). Many professional hair and make up artists will take photographs and make notes of exactly what products and style you are happy with, so when it comes to the wedding day they can simply follow their notes. Also remember that your hair and make up needs to last all day, so I would advise booking in your trials perhaps on the day on your hen party, or ‘date night’ with the other half. This way you can check everything stays in place and that you are comfortable.

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5. If I’m going to be able to use the bathroom on my wedding day in my wedding dress?!

This should definitely be a consideration when you choose your wedding dress in the first place. Your wedding day is going to be a long day, and you will be on your feet for a lot of it. Friends and family will want to buy you drinks so when you’re choosing your dress you need to ensure that you are comfortable and that you can move around in it. When it comes to using the bathroom, enlist your bridesmaids to help. Many venues will allow you to use a bathroom that is a little more private, which is ideal for the bride (there are many blogs and posts online that give you ‘advice’ of the best way to use the toilet in your wedding dress – take a look)!

6. Will everything be perfect on the actual day?

This is another question I get asked time and time again. My answer is always the same; if something isn’t exactly perfect (eg, the table plan is slightly too far to the right) is anyone other than you going to notice? I can almost guarantee that the answer is no. The guests at your wedding are there to celebrate your marriage and enjoy the day with you both. You need to remember that the most important thing on the day is you as a couple.

7. What am I going to do with my wedding dress after the big day?

It’s unlikely you’re going to wear it again, unless you decide to dress up on every anniversary of your wedding! If you have children, why not have it made into a dressing up dress? Or consider having the dress professionally cleaned and then display it in a deep box frame? Otherwise, if you can bear to part with it, try advertising it online and see if you can sell it. Lots of people look for pre-loved wedding dresses online, especially when they can see images of the dress being worn to see how it looks on a body.

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8. The flowers from my wedding are too beautiful (and cost too much!) to put in the bin.

A lot of my brides like to keep their flowers in the house for as long as they can. Not only will it remind you of your big day, but it will make the house/room smell amazing! Have a look online for ways of preserving your flowers – you could dry them out, press them or even send them away to have made into a work of art.

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9. There’s so much wedding cake left over! What should I do with it!?

If you’ve got wedding cake left over from the day before, why not ask the venue to cut it up (if they haven’t already), put it in some tupperware for you and take it home. You can have cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the rest of the week (ideal right!?), or why not invite family/friends over to enjoy a piece with you. Of course, there’s the old tradition of keeping the top tier for the christening of your first-born child, but how many people actually do that these days?

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10. Will I be really sad when it’s all over?

Inevitably you’re going to feel a little sad when it’s all over, mainly due to the sheer amount of time and effort you have put into making your wedding day perfect. The day after your wedding you will probably be exhausted, so my advice is to spend the day after basking in the joy of everything that your day was. If you can, spend the day after with your new husband/wife, your families and enjoy opening the lovely cards and gifts that your guests so kindly gave you. After each wedding I photograph, I try to get a few ‘sneak peek’ photos up on my Facebook page for you to enjoy too. Obviously if you’ve got a honeymoon planned straight after the wedding, you’ve got nothing to be sad about – really make the most of your time away!

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Please feel free to get in touch if you would like any advice, have any queries or wish to have a chat with me about how I can capture your wedding day! I can’t wait to hear from you!

Website: http://www.kayleighadamsphotography.com
Email: hello@kayleighadamsphotography.com
Facebook: facebook.com/kayleighadamsphotography/
Instagram: @kadams_photography
Phone: 07813 340 737

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