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Today we are so very excited to hear from Pitch Up and Play! We have had this in the pipeline for a little while and we can finally share it with you! It’s certainly one of my most favourite suppliers I have found while on this journey! Plus they are offering an amazing 10% discount for you lovely readers, all you need to do is let them know you heard about them through us and bob’s your uncle! Anyway photos…

Who are you and what do you do?

Hello! I’m Danielle and I own Pitch Up and Play, a bespoke childcare company for Weddings and Events. Growing up I was dubbed the Mary Poppins of the family and I have always adored children. I trained as a primary school teacher and as much as I loved working with children and seeing them develop, the workload and stress meant I couldn’t do all of the fun and creative things with them and I really missed that! So, I took the plunge and decided to set up my own childcare business. Whilst developing that over the course of two years I attended weddings of friends and family and realised that at times there were some seriously bored children who tended to act up due to lack of attention and being surrounded by lots of people they didn’t know very well and on top of that- having to be quiet! I found myself helping out a lot and noticed that when activities had been put on for the children, they were so much happier and there were less interruptions and everyone is so much more relaxed!

I noticed there was a gap in the market for a fresh take on plastic and dated mobile creches and that was when Pitch Up and Play was born! Our name links to our gorgeous bell tents that we love to pitch at Spring/Summer weddings. The children LOVE that they have their own special place that’s just for them to have bundles of fun in! The moment that they get shown into the tent and they see everything on offer their eyes light up and they dive straight in! That is such a great feeling.

We provide several services to the wedding industry such as Nannies, Evening Babysitters, Kids Tables, Activity Packs, Play Dens and Pop Up Creches. We cover Bath, Bristol, Somerset, Wiltshire and parts of The Cotswolds. Our aim is for every booking to be like a party for the mini VIPs! This ensures the Bride & Groom can truly relax and it gives the grown-up guests an opportunity to really let their hair down knowing that their children are having just as much fun as them. We don’t just set up a mobile creche and leave them to it, we plan party games, shows, nature walks, I Spy camera tours, scavenger hunts, photo booth and fancy dress, DVD & popcorn nights, slumber parties and pretty much anything that guarantees real FUN! Also, you should see our goodie bags… they are unreal!
What really sets us apart is our staff. I only ever employ staff that are a minimum Level 3 trained in Childcare and/or Education. Most of them are Teachers or trainee Teachers so they are DBS checked, fully referenced, First Aid trained and experienced in childcare. It is important to my business that my staff are the highest quality you can find; quick thinkers, problem solvers, creative, bubbly, fun and safety is paramount to them.

What’s your favourite part of a wedding?

Weddings are the most fun and I love every part of the day and evening! I particularly like it when the styling matches the Bride and Groom personalities. It’s so nice to see little things that matches their character and their own personal style. After the ceremony when everyone has settled in is one of the best moments for me, it’s hard to get all of your friends and family in one place at the same time so there’s always a real magical feeling when everyone is chatting, laughing and enjoying some bubbles together. My favourite part of our wedding creches is when we do DVD & Popcorn Night. The children don’t take long to wind down after an action packed day with us! We all snuggle up with soft blankets, comfy cushions and beanbags and have a really good giggle!

What’s the best bit of advice you can give to couples in the planning process?

Well I’m still waiting for him to put a ring on it (nearly 6 years tut tut!) so I can’t really give any advice to help with the planning process but what I will say is that weddings are becoming more and more unique and undone these days, there’s no such thing as perfect so break some rules and listen to your own hearts! It always comes together in the end and it’s only ever about the two of you on the day. Of course, if you want some really good advice then that would be booking Wedding Childcare! We believe that our services give you and your guests the opportunity to truly relax, especially if you are the bride. Children absolutely make weddings (they’re so adorable all playing together in their little smart outfits) but there’s absolutely no need for your child to be having a meltdown, crying snot and crumbled rusk into your wedding dress! It’s a long old day for children and it can be such a snore-fest for them so booking a pop-up creche or a play den is without a doubt one of those things you will be so grateful you did. Our clients are always amazed when they see all the great things we have brought with us and hearing them go “WOW” when they walk in makes us feel as proud as punch!

What keeps you passionate?

Receiving reviews from our couples keeps us passionate! When you’re in the moment with all of the children you can be a little too focused on what is coming up next and making sure you stick to timings and that all the mini VIPs are having loads of fun. So when it’s all over you can barely remember what went on and I, like most business owners, can be my own harshest critic so it’s important to have a great team around you to keep you grounded and feeling positive.
Also, I get to be creative everyday and that really keeps me passionate. When the emails are piling up and the to-do list spans weeks I can always stop, make a cup of tea and play around with a tassel garland or a pompom hairband for an hour or two! The wedding industry is so inspiring and much less traditional than I expected and that makes everyday different and exciting.

Do you like to keep up with trends? What’s your biggest trend to watch currently?

I think sometimes people see the word ‘trends’ as a bit of a dirty word but if that’s what couples like and are inspired by (you’ll find me attempting flares at least once every year and I definitely had a unicorn cake for my birthday!) then why not roll with it? Our style is very boho, rustic and vintage but I’ll be the first to throw metallics or jewel tones in the mix because I see it and I like it! This style is currently ‘on trend’ and when it’s not we will stay true to our identity but we will definitely adapt to what our clients love and want at their wedding because customer service and satisfaction is extremely important to us. In terms of trends for brides and grooms I adore barn/field festival style weddings where the bride is in a floaty boho number and the groom in tweed or navy blue. I recently read a blog about a couple who had their wedding right out in the sticks and their guests manned the bar on a rota! I loved this idea.

What’s next for your business?

We are buying more bell tents so that when we can duplicate bookings or set up outdoor Play Dens at weddings who do not require the childcare but really need a space for their mini VIPs to play and hang out. They also make a great space for disco naps, baby changing and feeding and these start from £200. We have just started setting up Play Dens and entertainment at children’s birthday parties and these are going down a storm, we particularly love creating a themed party such as Superheroes or Under the Sea! We are now researching fetes and festivals where we can take our bell tent play dens so that parents can drop off their children for a few hours whilst they enjoy some grown up time. In terms of weddings, we are going to see how our first proper Spring/Summer goes… but judging by the diary I think it’s going to be a brilliant wedding season, I’m squealing with excitement already!

How do we book/use your services?

You can send an enquiry through our website or email us below. We get back to you within a day and if you leave a telephone number we will call you for a chat and hear all about your requirements. We are BIG on customer service and being completely bespoke to suit our clients, this has been mentioned again and again in our testimonials so we must be doing something right!

Contact details

Special Offer for LTW readers: 10% discount on childcare packages

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