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Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Emily Brocklehurst and I am the Founder of Envytations. Envytations is a new UK startup which specialises in online e- invitations, designed to take the stress out of wedding & event planning. By sending professionally designed digital invitations straight to guests’ inboxes, we aim to simplify the invitation process without compromising on design or impact.

Covering all wedding events from Engagement Party, Hen Party, Save the Dates & Wedding invitations, we offer an affordable, modern day solution which takes the hassle out of wedding planning – leaving couples to spend more time & money on other elements of their big day.

To use Envytations, simply sign up, choose an existing design & customise your invite by adding details about your event. Invitations are then sent to guests via email; the invite then pops out of an animated envelope to wow your guests! Guest numbers are monitored using our clever online RSVP Tracker. The site also includes a new chatroom feature which allows guests to discuss the event.

We also provide a unique bespoke invitation service where we can customise invitations to match the clients’ wedding theme.

What’s your favourite part of a wedding?

Seeing a happy bride-to-be! We love to design bespoke invites for our clients – offering a personalised touch to match their thoughts & ideas for their big day. Wedding guests love to see something different & our service gives couples an easy way to get instant feedback & visibility, helping to minimise stress levels in the wedding planning process.

What’s the best bit of advice you can give to couples in the planning process?

Listen to your own advice. Weddings come with such a wide range of options from venues to food and everyone you speak to will have an opinion on the latest idea or trend. Get the main elements booked and you can tweak & add extras as you go along – but make sure it is what you both want!

What keeps you passionate?

Being an entrepreneur is definitely a rollercoaster ride! – but having good friends & family who understand this & support you along the way has been invaluable. I think it is important to set goals on a regular basis to keep you focused on the big picture. It is easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day workload but having a step back & realising where you are going definitely keeps you passionate.

Do you like to keep up with trends? What’s your biggest trend to watch currently?

I love keeping up with trends but also like to go against the grain sometimes! There are so many new wedding based trends & ideas on Pinterest, so my advice would be to look online to get initial ideas but try to add a twist here & there to keep it unique to you.

What’s next for your business?

We are looking to partner with events planners & venues to help organise big parties & weddings.

How do we book/use your services?

Simply visit the website http://www.envytations.com – sign up & start customising! Or contact me direct for bespoke design enquiries.

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