Emmy’s Brigadeiro

table decoration was designed by @LoveLydiaUK and photographed by @MarkSeymourphotography

Who are you and what do you do?

I am Emoke Rocha and I am the owner of Emmy’s brigadeiro. At the same time that I fell in love with my Brazilian husband, I also fell in love with the Brigadeiro. Since then it is my mission to introduce this sweet little delicacy to everyone I meet.

So what exactly brigadeiro is?

Brigadeiro is a delicious, luscious, handcrafted Brazilian dessert. This elegant, handmade treat most certainly pleases children and adults. The ingredients of it are exquisite and irresistible. It is made with Belgian chocolate or quality nuts, it has got a multitude of flavours and combinations. There is no doubt that brigadeiro will be the star of any wedding.
I offer Emmy’s brigadeiros with different forms of presentation, varying in color and also in formats. The guests are amazed from the beauty and the taste what these special little delicacies offer.
I also offer Emmy ’ s brigadeiro as an option for wedding favor. The packaging can be custom made depending on the chosen color and theme! One thing is certain: this luxury treat will be an unforgettable element of any party!

What’s your favourite part of a wedding?

My favourite part of the wedding is the celebration dinner. I love seeing how long not seen relatives and friends get the opportunity to gather together and renew old friendships or make new ones.

What’s the best bit of advice you can give to couples in the planning process?

Get as much help as you can from your family and friends with planning, don’t stress too much. Don’t forget on the big day you will be surrounded by those who love you the most, appreciate their presence and have fun with them. We all know that the most beautiful things in life are not things. They are people and memories, feelings and moments, smiles and laughter. Make this day the best memory of your life and focus on people and not things.

What keeps you passionate?

My love for brigadeiro. I truly believe this little treat shouldn’t miss from any unique wedding. It looks amazing and it tastes amazing. It is something new, luscious and made with fine Belgian chocolate. Who doesn’t love chocolate? After all, with brigadeiro you can’t go wrong.

Do you like to keep up with trends? What’s your biggest trend to watch currently?

I don’t really follow trends. Every person and couple is unique, they come from different backgrounds, they follow different styles and trends. They should be who they are on their special day, I believe no one should follow a specific trend unless they really like it. Brigadeiros can be presented in so many ways that I can adapt to any preferred trend.

What’s next for your business?

Brigadeiro is quite new in the UK, I would like to introduce it to as many people as possible. Everyone should get the chance to try it at least once. I make brigadeiros for different special occasions but I want to get more involved with couples and weddings in the future.

How do we book/use your services?

You can email me to hello@emmysbrigadeiro.com or call me on 07506561591 to request more information.

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