Little Tree Weddings, or LTW as its affectionately known, was born in 2016 out of a pure love of weddings. It’s founder, Emma, loves nothing more than watching each individual couple’s journey of finding their perfect suppliers and building their own unique day. She launched LTW to be able to follow those journeys, inspiring and guiding others into creating a day that reflects their personalities.

So who even is Emma?


Well, I’m Emma… founder is a bit fancy since
currently it’s just me! I write or edit all the posts on the site! If you don’t find me trawling through Pinterest or blogs, you will find me watching my favourite YouTubers, perhaps making the odd video; making fudge; setting up a new business here or there; managing some social media sites; planning weddings or working at The Barn! In my spare time, yes I do get a little… you will find me at the beach near Salcombe where I live or walking in a field with my little dog Lola.

I got married in 2014 – I put all the details of my wedding up here… go and check it out!

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