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On this week’s wonderful wedding suppliers we hear from Nelly’s Bar, a cute mobile bar. We think Nelly’s Bar is perfectly on trend for any event, we love the way they combine bunting, industrial colours and a wooden bar to create something you just have to have!

Who are you and what do you do?

We are Nelly’s Bar, a lovingly restored and refurbished horse box trailer operating as a general bar serving a range of refreshments including real ales from Retford’s award-winning Pheasantry Brewery, including the refreshing blond Beer, Dancing Dragonfly, and CAMRA’s GOLD winner of 2015, Best Bitter. In addition we serve a range of Nelly’s-themed cocktails, such as ‘Fifty Shades of Neigh’, ‘The Bloody Mare’, and ‘Desert Orchid’. We also provide cider, lager, and a host of soft drinks for our other customers. We operate at festivals, events and corporate functions, but our passion is supporting weddings and anniversary celebrations, where the Nelly’s platform offers the happy couple a unique experience in support of their big day. We are a family-run business situated in the East Midlands, but operating across the Notts, Derbyshire, Lincs and Norfolk regions. We pride ourselves on the very best of ingredients, at a fair price, all served with a smile from one of the most unusual and unique platforms out there.

What’s your favourite part of a wedding?

Our favourite part of a wedding is when the ceremony has taken place and the happy couple approach Nelly”s for their first drink. It’s a special thing to witness people at one of their most happiest times in their lives. Watching the successful culmination of months of meticulous planning and close liaison with the couple, the venue and other suppliers is hugely rewarding.

What’s the best bit of advice you can give to couples in the planning process?

Don’t lose fact that this is YOUR special day. Stamp your mark on the event and make it individual to you; don’t be afraid to ask suppliers for what you really want.

What keeps you passionate?

We remain passionate about providing an excellent service in keeping with their dreams and desires. We are a hugely motivated team, and feedback allows us to stay passionate about what we do and continue to offer an excellent service. If you are happy then so are we.

Do you like to keep up with trends? What’s your biggest trend to watch currently?

We regularly refresh our drinks menu and presentation of our beverages to fit with what’s current on the market but we also like to add our own Nelly’s twist to remain unique. Our most recent finds are an amazing little Gin not available on the high street (look out for this at our next event), and the use of manuka honey in some of our cocktails, described as a wonder food by Marie Claire recently.

What’s next for your business?

We have a number of confirmed wedding bookings this year, so our focus is on ensuring that we deliver a perfect service and continue to build our reputation. We also plan to expand the services we offer to include the hire of other items such as vintage chalkboards on easels, sweet carts, vintage photo booths and other additions to ensure the day is special.

How do we book/use your services?

We love to discuss your individual needs face to face or over the phone but in the first instance you can contact us via Facebook, through our website, email, or Twitter; @NellysBar.     

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Drip cakes have made it big over the last 2 years, now they are starting in infiltrate the wedding industry… already starting to fill our Pinterest pages they will be around for another couple of years yet.

Gold is the biggest trend, team with rose gold cutlery, read about that here. Add your wedding flowers to be the top to take it from cake to wedding cake


Gold comes in so many different shades, go light with a white cake to keep it simple.


Switch it up by adding a white drip to a gold cake!


Change the traditional tiered cake with pink ombre and super light gold drips, add bright flowers for colour.


Go really pink with pink everything, add macarons with gold leafing to keep the gold theme.


Paint the cake with your wedding colours like this one


Here is the cake of dreams…


Even a rustic wedding can have a drip cake, team with a semi-naked cake to keep everything on trend


Add a cake topper, see our favs here


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Garden Games!

Summer weddings cry out for garden games, any wedding style can add a few games to keep guests entertained while photos are taken. They are always a big hit with all ages and are even more fun late at night! Here are our favs:

Make your own ring toss by spraying some bottles and adding them to a crate

Nyk + Cali

Simple hula hoops make great photos, get enough for the groomsmen to have one big photo together


Make sure you get at least one photo of yourselves playing the games,


Why not play giant scrabble!


Or go with old school playground games, again get those groomsmen involved!


We can’t do a post without incuding the classic croquet


Make jenga your own my adding cute hearts, use forever as children get older


Create signs for your space hoppers! Check out our signs post here


Go adventurous and create a giant wall of water balloons to be burst by throwing something at them!


So many more ideas, as always, over on our Pinterest page! We know more of you arrived from there so head back and click follow!


Writing out your name, address or anything else 100’s of times can get pretty boring, never mind the hand ache and casualties as something goes wrong! Stamps are the best way around this, we love stamps! Not only can you print all those envelopes or seal them all with your favourite colour wax you also get a tiny piece of the wedding to keep forever, perhaps even use again for your 50th wedding anniversary party!

We found a few of our favourites for you here:


Now go out and find your favourite stamp!

Keep your guests cosy…

Everyone wants their wedding to last as long as possible, what better way to keep guests cosy than a big pile of blankets! This trend is set to stay again for 2017 with brides and grooms still filling baskets, adorning ladders and covering hay bales with in keeping blankets!

We picked our very favorite ideas here…


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Pumpkin Passion

Nothing quite add finishing touches to an autumn wedding like pumpkins!

Getting more and more popular over here in the UK there are some amazing ways to add them into your autumn wedding.

Use them as decorations in windowsills or on tables at the wedding, these have simply had holes drilled into them for a stunning effect.


Use them as a base for centerpieces by adding flowers and other autumnal touches.


Spray paint tiny littles ones and use as place cards.


Pile spray painted ones high around other items to create centerpieces or table decorations.


Carve your name into them and line them up for photos.


Use them as a cake topper, this twist on the original bride and groom looks elegant.


Use tiny little bride and groom pumpkins instead.


Line walkways with pumpkins to create autumnal photo ops.


Spray them white and add your favourite fonts to write your name or Mr & Mrs.


What would you do with a pumpkin? Tell us your favorite ideas below!